August 15, 2000

FEI Introduces the Morgagni(TM) 268 All Digital TEM

Leadership Performance and Value

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands, Aug. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- FEI Company has introduced the Morgagni™ 268, an advanced, completely digital Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). Controlled by a newly designed user interface, the Morgagni features fully embedded digital imaging and film recording with one CCD camera that is interchangeable at two microscope positions. This new system operates with Windows 2000™ and delivers new standards in ease of use.

The Morgagni 268, marketed under the Philips brand name, is a powerful, reliable TEM designed to deliver leadership performance in a value package. Its applications are targeted at demanding areas such as cell-based biological research and diagnostic screening. It is also suitable for pharmaceutical and other industrial applications. The Morgagni's overall value can be extended throughout its lifecycle via regular software updates and upgrades that will keep the instrument in step with the latest technological and applications developments.

Cell Biology

The Morgagni is optimized for studying ongoing physiological and pathological pathways. For retrieval of cell biological data, the Morgagni can be set for fast and easy high quality image acquisition and analysis. Its ease-of-use makes Morgagni very attractive for multi-user scientific environments such as universities and institutes.

Diagnostic Screening

The need for fast and reliable screening of disease patterns continues to grow. As a mainstream diagnostic tool in medical centers, Morgagni is a ready-to-use system that ensures high sample throughput to cope with the need for faster diagnostics. Further, the completely digitized Morgagni allows on-line consultancy, or remote diagnosis with colleagues and experts in the field to facilitate a fast and correct diagnosis.


Morgagni is an effective tool to gain insight into release mechanisms of drugs in the body. In addition, effects of medicines on the morphology and functioning of tissues and organs needs to be investigated. The Morgagni, with its fast and high quality information acquisition, can help pharmaceutical manufacturers shorten their time to market for new therapeutics.

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NOTE TO EDITORS: FEI's new TEM is named after Giovanni Battista Morgagni (1682-1771). He was born at Forli in Italy and trained in medicine at the University of Bologna. He became Professor of Practical Medicine at Padua in 1711, and later Professor of Anatomy. His professional life was devoted to practicing medicine and studying normal and pathological anatomy by the postmortem dissection of patients whose disease he had often followed during their lives. At the age of 79, he published the standard work in pathology describing the results of a whole life of scientific research.

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